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"Hyeonseon sings  with all of his heart and soul. He locates the center of the song and lets the band spin around him. "

- Jason Moran- 

Musical Memoirs by Dee Dee McNeil

“Korean jazz vocalist reaches for new, risk-taking adventures, reflected not only in his voice but in the wonderful, fresh arrangements that his musical group offers. His tenor voice impresses me, and notably, Hyeonseon has a style all his own. Clearly, this 33-years-young talent is a jazz singer! Baek is obviously a bad-ass and performs flawlessly and with no fear.  I look forward to many more incredible albums sung by Hyeonseon Baek.  I will remember his unique tone and singular style.”

JazzQuad (Belarus) by Leonid Auskern

“’Caravan’ pleasantly amazes with its non-standard arrangement and the beautiful clear tenor of the vocalist. Baek says his goal is to transcend cultural and generational boundaries by performing music that puts a contemporary spin on traditional jazz to resonate with younger audiences. What can I say: in my opinion, he succeeded. A strong and confident debut.”

JW Vibe by Jonathan Widran

“Hyeonseon Baek is a true musical citizen of the world, eager on his seductive, rhythmically eclectic and impeccably arranged debut album, “Longing,” to conquer fresh original territory even as he celebrates the glorious legends of an earlier era. “Longing” is a wonderfully engaging and inspiring debut by a promising new vocalist and songwriter whose gifts include being a great bandleader of the perfect ensemble to fulfill his vision.”

Jazz History Online by Thomas Cunniffe

“As a young voice, he has sufficient maturity to bring depth to his original ballads, and both "Longing" and "My Temptation" are impressive starting points for an extended career in song composition. Young jazz singers are usually referred to as "diamonds in the rough," but Hyeonseon Baek is quite close to being a fully polished performer.”

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